Embedding a whole-of-business approach to sustainability

We will:

  • Develop robust management systems to ensure performance is continually measured
  • against our sustainability targets, and that legislative requirements are adhered to.
  • Create a governance structure which ensures that all parts of the organisation have clear
  • roles and responsibilities, with regard to the delivery of our sustainability targets.
  • Form a collaborative internal working group to address any issues.

Becoming a positive force in the marketplace

We will:

  • Ensure that sustainable procurement practices are fully embedded with respect to
  • internal operating procedures.
  • Require our external contractors and our suppliers to commit to sustainable business practices and to be capable of evidencing this commitment.

Respecting the environment

We will:

  • Improve the carbon efficiency of our offices and deliver a reduction in our carbon
  • footprint.
  • Improve the water efficiency of our estate.
  • Utilise office space in a more efficient way.
  • Hold ourselves to rigorous standards of environmentally friendly and socially responsible
  • construction.
  • Reduce waste production, efficiently reuse resources where possible and improve our
  • recycling rate.Impact on people and communities

Impact on people and communities

We will:

  • Stein is committed to addressing its impact on people and communities.
  • We are striving to ensure that we are a model employer, promoting the health, safety, and
  • wellbeing of our staff.
  • We will invest in the communities in which we work and live.

This policy is publicly available by contacting us at [email protected]

Approved By: Billy Stein, Managing Director

Approved: 2024

Review: 2025